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Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up

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Information Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up

Title :  Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up
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Frames Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up

Description Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up

Comments Sanitaire "Eureka " s647 Upright Vacuum Repair & Tune up

Braedyn Birch
Do a video of a dirt devil Featherlite vacuum
Comment from : Braedyn Birch

Do you need to put on a cardboard thing that goes around the motor from the light is it important?
Comment from : Willsmash7

Great video! I always wondered how those beater brushes came apart! Thanks for the rare glimpse! What lubricant are you using on the brush inserts?

How do you replace the fan
Comment from : jowtag

Puglife Puglife
we have had a similar model since the 80s and it still runs great. i service it every few months and change the belt when nessecery. Picks up all rhe crud in our carpet consistently. works very well
Comment from : Puglife Puglife

Hey, are these machines better at keeping the dust in bag
Comment from : 1911beauty

My Royal is over 20 years old . It will out suck any plastic vac u throw at it. It pulls the carpet up and beats it. I put new carpet in in 2013. That carpet looks brand new. The Royal is a beast. I have a 6 year old metal top sanitare. It to is a beast. I wouldn't have anything else.
Comment from : 1911beauty

Steve Austin
I got a eureka wide track 12 amp works great but i sucked a string out of my carpet and rollor quit working.i thought it was my belt but its not broke the hose still sucks up i just dont know what it would be
Comment from : Steve Austin

Lanell Aoki
I just wanted 06
Comment from : Lanell Aoki

Lanell Aoki
Comment from : Lanell Aoki

Lanell Aoki
The new 6
Comment from : Lanell Aoki

Mitchell Armstrong
HEPA F&G bags work alot better.
Comment from : Mitchell Armstrong

John McMahan
Which Meile uptight do you have? I have hardwoods with a few area rugs. Which Meile would you recommend?
Comment from : John McMahan

Courage Bagge
My Sanitaire sc684 Heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner is made in Mexico ser# is 1020009763. Mine is made in 2010.
Comment from : Courage Bagge

Laura Guerro
They still make the sanitaire red and blue these days!
Comment from : Laura Guerro

Tim Rowell
I have this same vacuum. Works great, but it’s loud. Can the motor be replaced with a 5 amp to make it quieter?
Comment from : Tim Rowell

jim colegrove
I was vacuuming for a short period, about 2-3 minutes when suddenly it quit but the light was lit. I've taken it apart, cleaning, the motor brush, just checked 1 brush, due to don't want to damage, it looked very good possibly new. It starts now but have not continued my vacuuming.
What do think ?
I clean the bag very well, inside out, I vacuum the bag, with back up unit, very thoroughly. Do I need to wash it.
P.s. I clean bag often.

Comment from : jim colegrove

Brandon Ultralite
vacuuming a vacuum.
Comment from : Brandon Ultralite

how often is recommended a tune up of this level
Comment from : J P

Darth Gamer
I call these "Eurekataires"
Comment from : Darth Gamer

Bunky’s Workshop
Is there a difference between the red and blue models besides the color and warranty?
Comment from : Bunky’s Workshop

had mine for years hardly have to have it worked on, I do a lot of the maintenance on it myself, I love mine I ended up with 3 of them the S647 is one of them
Comment from : Glock17

Own three of the commercial ones there nice cleaners, got 158 cfm out of SC684F with the old style motor.
Comment from : KG5Vacuums

Richard Groski
I have heard of tech"s drilling two small holes in the brush chamber behind the brush to prevent the machine from nose diving into the carpet and wearing out the belt.
Comment from : Richard Groski

Richard Groski
I have a sanitaire 887 in the shed that I need to tear down and service.
Comment from : Richard Groski

Dave Debang-bang
Wish you had done a quick video of the oreck comm vac in the background
Comment from : Dave Debang-bang

Dave Debang-bang
Such a shame we never had these in the uk. We had a few of the red commercial machines under the Electrolux badge and we have the rip off machines made by Perfect but they are not readily available.
Comment from : Dave Debang-bang

A&WP 290
Holy crap that motor and light bulb are similar to my grandmother Hoover model 62 motor
Comment from : A&WP 290

Bruce Solomon
If you're on a budget one of these and a Mighty Mite canister would be everything needed to clean a house from top to bottom.
Comment from : Bruce Solomon

HooverLux Restorations
I do love your videos, learnt so much from you. I also love the workshop banter, quite funny. I am Welsh from Swansea, I head you mention about your ancestors.
Comment from : HooverLux Restorations

Would you be able to do a particle counter video showing a Dyson, a Miele with HEPA (well it'll obviously be zero but just to mess with Dyson fanboys), and a Miele with stock Airclean filter? I'd love to see Miele's filtration performance with the free filter.
Comment from : jaywalkra

Bruce Solomon
I've always been the same. In my first apartment in the late eighties I had a Eureka ESP with a 6.5 amp, and a Eureka Rally with a 4.0hp and the Vibragroomer III power nozzle that also came with the Express model, Eureka's canister flagship at the time. It's a shame that mainstream brand vacuum cleaners no longer provide that type of performance, equipment packaging and build quality they'd offered twenty five years ago but Eureka machines felt fantastic in use back then and performed equally well at both deep and quick cleaning.
Comment from : Bruce Solomon

Bruce Solomon
Is the company that makes the Vibragroomer brushroll for Sanitaire and Eureka the same manufacturer that makes the brushrolls on Simplicity and Riccar machines?
Comment from : Bruce Solomon

Marcello Colotario
We bought one of these for my mom nearly 2 years ago. An SC889A with the red handle, two speed switch, and ST synthetic bags. Over that time I've changed the bag maybe 3 times? Mainly for heavy cleaning or shampoo prep and post cleaning, but still a great machine, even if it does eat belts for breakfast. 1 below medium for low and 1 above medium for high and it pulls the carpet about 6 inches off the ground in her bathroom (dry side carpet, wet side tile)
Comment from : Marcello Colotario

Hoover Mexivac
Haha..”some animal pissed on the side of it”.... I guess that animal isn’t a sanitaire fan perhaps? 😜
Comment from : Hoover Mexivac

Hank's Garage
I’ve always liked these and the older convertibles. You’re right though about them not filtering well.

I just picked a sanitaire sc684 with shake out bag out of the trash. Done a complete tear down so far and just cleaned up and washed the outer bag. Have the plastics all washing in the dishwasher now the bag came out really well. I’m not much a fan of the shakeout version. I can see the allure for commercial use though. The amount of suction these machines have is amazing. Mine pulls the carpet pad up off the floor on the highest setting and I have medium pile carpet.

Comment from : Hank's Garage

I miss these machines. Had one growing up, they used to be simple, built really well, and cleaned like nobody's business
Comment from : ST S

Lol have the red one at my house I have never taken it apart like that I have changed my fan belt brush and light that's it ever mine a lot older mine is all metal
Comment from : Wizard

Nazeer Adil
Good job. Super fast fixing.
Comment from : Nazeer Adil

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