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Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A

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Information Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A

Title :  Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A
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Frames Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A

Description Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A

Comments Cheap Vacuum Battle! - Bissell CleanView vs Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A NEU182A

This was really helpful, especially showing the hardwood floor vacuum test!
Comment from : Jenna

Suction powered brushes are absolutely worthless on this level of machine

I have 4 broken ones to prove it. Get a real motorized head if you are actually going to use it.

The sharks are the least expensive I have seen with actual motors in the head.

Comment from : stealthballer

Trish Fernandez
The video I NEEDED ♥️
I’ve had both of these on my cart on amazon for the past week because I just couldn’t decide between each other, thank god I found this video lol

Comment from : Trish Fernandez

Justin Lyons
2:06 there amps is 7 and 8 so eureka sounds like a bissell power force helix in 7amps version the eureka floor rover has a shark motor and its different than 7amps to 7.0
Comment from : Justin Lyons

Squid's Vacuums
"Oh Big Box Mart!, Look what you've done to me, He's gotta start all over at the age of 53!"
Comment from : Squid's Vacuums

Luke Collins
Do people ever tell (you suck) lololol😂
Comment from : Luke Collins

Comment from : Kean_u

Thanks for this thorough review. It's funny: I was about to purchase the Eureka NEU182A Powerspeed on Amazon. but watched your review, considering my apartment is approx 70% Hardwood Floors it doesn't seem like either vacuum would do a good job. Although I were planning on using it to vacuum my rugs and use the hose to pick-up dust on the hardwood floors... hmm
Comment from : CheavorTV

Jeffrey Parent
I have the Bissell. I found it on the curb. It just needed a little maintenance. It works great! Not bad for a freebee! 😁
Comment from : Jeffrey Parent

Every Day Jay
My dog goes Crazy with the bell sounds lol
Comment from : Every Day Jay

Thanks for all your video reviews! I'm really interested in how this Bissell CleanView compares to the Bissell Powerforce Double Helix (model 2191) in terms of air quality. I realize they're probably both pretty bad, but I'm a tight budget and I want to know if the improvement from the CleanView's post motor filter is worth the extra money. You're the only one who goes into so much accurate detail, so you'd really be helping me out if you could provide any info!
Comment from : zaxxoid

@Vaccum Wars Oops you missed the linked videos at the end...
Comment from : OutdoorsIQ

Craig King
This is like asking which turd is better
Comment from : Craig King

Paul Taufatofua
Those vacuums still expensive. Glad I got mine at aldi
Comment from : Paul Taufatofua

Luck & Royalty
Can y'all please review the quantum x vacuum and the raycorp mattress vacuum
Comment from : Luck & Royalty

I hate the doorbell, thumbs down
Comment from : Lennox1492

Miftha Sadik
3:13 Did anybody notice the wheel wasn’t spinning
Comment from : Miftha Sadik

I love my Bissell. I have 4 of them, 3 for my jobs, and 1 for my home. They work great ! Saves time when vacuuming, picks up almost anything. Easy to clean.. bare floors, they did great.
Comment from : Alaitain

Ian Oliver
The end screen seems to be broken on this video.
Comment from : Ian Oliver

miguel velazquez
I wish u reviewed other things, this video is so detailed
Comment from : miguel velazquez

I did a video on my channel showing how much dust and hair the Bissell cleanview left behind on my carpets vs a Hoover. It's insane.
Comment from : LETS FIX IT

Damn. Hope you're wrong. Just bought the Bissell for carpet and hardwood floors. It's 50/50 in my apartment. Need something that works for both.
Comment from : M.

I couldn’t watch this video because dings that you have for the points kept making my dog bark.
Comment from : 895takashi

Davi N
Holy shit!! That doorbell sound! My dog won't stop barking!
Comment from : Davi N

Hayden Denileon
I love the bissell clean view 2019 its awesome
Comment from : Hayden Denileon

Marshall Curtis
Just yesterday I staged a “battle of three cheap vacuums“…
1… Bissell powerforce bagless model 12B1
2… Bissell powerforce bagged model 1739
3… Bissell cleanview model 82H1 (with HEPA filter and turbo brush)

I dumped 3 piles of shredder confetti on my living room floor. All three of them became clogged in both their main hose and in there footer hoses. They were previously free of clogs. The bag in the 1739 and the dirt cups in the other two were empty previously. Though I had not cleaned out the filters. Nevertheless, I was so nonplussed that I got half a mind to spend a lot more money on a vacuum that not only has a dirt sensor, but has a warning light that tells you that your dirt cup or bag is full. I think the problem is half my fault as failure to clean out filters, and to empty the dirt cups/bags when full causes hoses to get clogged.

What I really want is one of those vacuum cleaners with the dirt sensor that makes a lot of noise when the carpet is dirty. But when you don’t hear any noise it’s because it has done all of it’s deep cleaning action. True, I don’t normally dump piles of shredder confetti on my carpet. But I do need deep clean action as my allergies cause me to sneeze a lot. I do not have any pets. And most of my single-story condo is carpets. And I’m too lazy most of the time to vacuum. So I’m wondering if I should really get a robotic vacuum. Any help here?

Comment from : Marshall Curtis

Richard Lynch
I'm a mailman, I see a lot of those Bissell's, people order them from Amazon a lot, I guess because they advertise it on sale so much.
Comment from : Richard Lynch

Andy Leal
Can you do a review on the Eureka the boss smart vac?
Comment from : Andy Leal

Hugo Cisneros
I am so conflicted. I found your channel and can afford a more expensive vacuum (looking at the Shark NV801) but then I see this cheap Bissell and continue to wonder if I need to invest a more expensive vacuum. I do not own a cleaning business and I have a small 2 bed apartment that I never let get dirty as I vacuum about twice a week. I am just not sure if I should invest and pay four times as much for a vacuum. Any input?
Comment from : Hugo Cisneros

Dominic's Curiosity
The bissell has been around for a long time should have tested a newer one.
Comment from : Dominic's Curiosity

Cj Smart
I’m going to stick to my plans by buying a Shark as my future vacuum cleaner.
Comment from : Cj Smart

What do you end up doing with the vacuums after you review them if you don't use them in your home or for your business
Comment from : TeaSis

PLEASE make a video on the best vacuum for black carpets!
Comment from : lilbluefreak

Bruce Solomon
Both brands are owned by Midea
Comment from : Bruce Solomon

Hey vacuum Wars. At 3:05 you had the height set to 3 not 1 for the hard floors. Test it again set to 1. At 1 the head will seal closer to the floor.
Comment from : VacMaster1991

NYCT Enthusiast
Man i regret getting rid of my CV onepass (purple). I may or may not get the red one or this one. It really fit well in my collection
Comment from : NYCT Enthusiast

Crag LaBrake
Sometimes that happens with vacuum cleaners it is called the snow plow effect. Eureka replaced the Air speed series with the Power speed series when Eureka was bought. Bissell changed the vacuum cleaner industry by introducing the Bissell lift off that lasted for awhile. What is interesting is some vacuum cleaners have superior flirtation others are sadly lacking it.
Comment from : Crag LaBrake

Slarty Bartfast
Would you ever compare carpet sweepers?
Comment from : Slarty Bartfast

Nicholas Anderson
Bruh I'm going to die before u do it
Comment from : Nicholas Anderson

Please review tenergy Otis, you’ll be amazed.
Comment from : SPCSHARKNADO 6170

Why doesn’t this channel have more subscribers?!?!
Comment from : SPCSHARKNADO 6170

Could you do a comparison on some cheap upright Walmart vacuums
Comment from : TeaSis

Matthew Fraser
dear Vacuum Wars,

Can you please please do a shark r85 vs the Neato D7. I am wondering which one I should get? And I would love it if you did. 😁

Comment from : Matthew Fraser

Ayden Rice
I have that Bissell pet hair eraser the model number is 16501 it's the one from bed bath and beyond the 2017 or 2018 model I think and I just commented on one of their youtube videos and told them all problems I have had with it and some you said and kode 1996 here on YouTube said on your pethair eraser video so maybe they will apologize about it and can you review the newer pet hair erasers the liftoff and the turbo
Comment from : Ayden Rice

Comment from : CrispyAviation

I just bought a refurbed Shark NV803 for $140 largely from watching your vids, and initial impressions are very good. Since we use it only on carpets, interesting to see that these pick up all or nearly all of the sand in your test, so objectively would do at least as well as the Shark. But still nice to have fancy features like lights, lift-away canister, dual rollers etc. Great reviews keep them coming! My next decision is Dyson V6 or V8 Absolute for a lot of tile... tough decision!
Comment from : kedelbach

Personally I think budget machines like this aren't that great a value. Sure, they may be competent, but the best way to get a good cheap vacuum is from manufacturer refurbished lots. A Shark NV356E can be had for as little as $80!
Good video, though, as per usual.

Comment from : Lacking

Ana E
Thanks for another excellent comparison. Always important to consider cheaper options, and honestly cheaper vacuums often are easier to clean/clear (not empty, but clean out) than the pricier models. You pay for ease of use, not ease of maintenance sadly.
Comment from : Ana E

Not Me
Looks nice
Comment from : Not Me

are vee
Nice that they have a height adjustment, though if I wanted cheap, I'd probably find something second hand. All but Miele sell for pennies on the dollar used.
Comment from : are vee

Lawrence McLane
Tell me, what in God's name do you do with all of these vacuums when you're done with them?
Comment from : Lawrence McLane

Can you compare the bissell clean view vs the Hoover whole house rewind
Comment from : ouis4436

Nicholas Anderson
Test the nv105
Comment from : Nicholas Anderson

Victor Jackson
The Bissell 9595 purple one has a HEPA filter
Comment from : Victor Jackson

Nickholas Gherman
Comment from : Nickholas Gherman

Uprights!!!! Yes!!!!😁😁
Comment from : Gabriel

EcSight Games
Yay! I’m sure u know I’ve been looking for this type of video for a while, and u have delivered, so thank you very much for the great video!
Comment from : EcSight Games

Fixing Master
What video editing software do you use
Comment from : Fixing Master

I am actually quite excited to see what other budget-friendly vacuums you will be exhibiting on this channel. I recently purchased a few older style dirt devils and are somewhat pleased with their performances. You should also think about doing retro/vintage style vacuums from previous years.
Comment from : TheSarahCakes

One thing that I found about these designs is that the Bissell models of this base seem to keep the filter slightly cleaner due to the dual cyclone. It does not matter all that much since most people who buy these types of machines will often replace it once the belt breaks or the filters clog, for example, but I appreciate it since I actually clean the filters of my units. Both EUP (the CleanView's manufacturer) and Midea/Eureka do now seem to produce fairly competently designed units at a very low price, though. Especially compared to the horrid budget machines that Eureka has offered in the past, they do seem to be on the right track. I have the PowerSpeed Pro Swivel Plus and it is a pretty good unit for being cheap and bagless.
Comment from : FanOfVacuums2

Cj Smart
Glad I subscribed.
Comment from : Cj Smart

Daniel Than
Comment from : Daniel Than

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